Service (AMC) - Terms & Conditions

Service (AMC) – Terms & Conditions

Under this Annual Maintenance Service Contract (‘Contract’), V-Guard Industries Ltd ('Company') commits to maintain and service V-Guard Water Purifier at your registered address with the following terms & conditions.

This contract sets out below terms and conditions which V-Guard Industries Ltd agrees for servicing the equipment, and cancels and replaces all prior agreements, undertakings or arrangements, oral or written between the parties on the subject matter.

AMC Pre-Requisites

  1. A valid proof of purchase (original purchase bill/Invoice).
  2. The equipment must be in good working condition and the same must be certified by the authorized representative of V-Guard Industries Ltd. If there are any gaps, then customer shall be required to pay the necessary charges for rendering the equipment workable. V-Guard will share a prior estimate of work with customer for his/her approval. This clause does not apply if the contract is renewed from the next day of date of termination of the warranty period or previous contract period.

AMC Period

This contract is valid for one year/12 months from its date of purchase.

How to Register or Renew AMC

To register or renew your AMC, please contact us through any of the following mediums

AMC Includes

V-Guard offers 3 different AMC plans. You may choose and buy the plan that suits you the most. Below table details out the offering in each of the three plans.

VG Essential VG Premium VG Ultra
Price (₹) 1400 2000 4000
Pre-Emptive Maintenance Services 2 2 2
Free of Cost Replacement of Pre-Filters 0 2 2
Components Coverage No Unlimited Unlimited
RO Membrane Coverage No No Unlimited
Other Consumable Coverage No No Unlimited

AMC Does Not Include

  1. Damage caused by certain unusual conditions such as floods, fire, accident, riot, breakage, pest, misuse, improper or negligent use, tampering, leakage from pipes, water logging, misuse, transit damage during purchase, abnormal voltage supply, lightning, acts of God, or while in transit to or from the service centre.

  2. Damage caused by improper use of the product or failure to observe the operating instructions and precautions as mentioned in the product’s User Manual.

  3. Defects due to the usage of non-recommended spare parts.

  4. Defects/failures resulting from servicing/repairs done by a person other than the authorized representative of V-Guard Industries Ltd.

  5. Visits for customers re-training, for dismantling or for re-installation at a different location.

  6. Replacement/repair of external tubes, body parts, diverter valve and any electrical part.

  7. Painting/repair of the body, top and bottom panels, and anodizing the treatment chambers and electronic housing.

  8. Painting/repair of chrome plating of the nuts and other styling decorative materials.

  9. Replacement/repair of any defects which existed before the contract was signed. In any such conditions, V-Guard Industries Ltd will submit a prior estimate for approval or bill for the work which will carried out at the existing rates.

  10. No refund will be made for the balance period of the contract if cancelled during the term

AMC Will Be Null & Void:

  1. If the input water quality has changed drastically or doesn’t meet the specifications stated in the user manual.

  2. If the water purifier has been used commercially.

  3. If the water purifier has been continuously used for more than eight (8) hours.

Other Terms & Conditions:

  1. The equipment, electricity & water must be made available for servicing as and when our authorized service technician calls on his periodical servicing visit. Failure to do so will be treated as a service rendered and no refund shall accrue on this account.

  2. Every visit by our authorized service technician will be made within a reasonable time from receipt of a complaint about the breakdown of the equipment and will be made only during the working hours of our Service Department and no visits will be made on the public holidays.

  3. For repairs requiring the removal of the product or any parts thereof, there shall be no extra labour charges levied by V-Guard. However, in such cases, incidental expenses incurred like freight, packing, etc., will have to be borne by the customer.

  4. The liability of V-Guard Industries Ltd shall be limited to providing service and repairing or replacing spare parts as mentioned in this Contract. V-Guard Industries Ltd shall not be liable for damages, death, injuries, or any consequential damages of whatsoever nature to any person or property, caused by using the product.

  5. To enable V-Guard Industries Ltd to follow its obligation under this Contract, the customer shall intimate any change in his/her address within 10 days of such change. In default whereof, V-Guard Industries Ltd shall not be obliged to perform its duties under this Contract till it receives such a formal update from the customer. In such an event the removal and re-installation of the Product / Attachment will be done at an additional cost as per the rates prevailing on that date.

  6. This Contract is neither terminable before the expiry period nor transferable in the event of resale/gift to any other person.

  7. The company or its authorized agents will be entitled to retain any defective parts replaced during this contract period.

  8. Renewal of the AMC contract after its expiry will be at the sole discretion of V-Guard Industries Ltd and depends upon the model/age of the product and usage period.

  9. V-Guard is not responsible to send you any reminder or any such communication to intimate the expiry or renewal of the contract. The onus of renewing the contract rests with the owner of the product.

  10. The Customer shall bear any additional amount incurred by the Company to comply with the laws or such other government guidelines which requires any modification or upgradation of the Water Purifier, towards the safety of customers.

Force Majeure: 

Neither party shall be liable for the non-performance of its obligations under this Agreement where such failure is due to force majeure i.e. due or attributable to any act of God, orders, restrictions or regulation of Government, Central or State, war working conditions, hostilities, riots, civil commotion, strike, lockout, labour trouble, explosion, epidemic, pandemic, or any other cause or circumstance of whatsoever nature beyond control.

Any disputes are subject to Kochi, State of Kerala, and courts at Kochi shall have exclusive jurisdiction.