Warranty - Terms & Conditions

Why Do You Need A Warranty?

The warranty is provided against any manufacturing defects from the date of purchase. In case of any defects in material or workmanship under normal home use during the period of warranty, V-Guard undertakes to repair the product on “FREE OF CHARGE” basis either by themselves or through its authorized service dealers or service associates.

Warranty Period

V-Guard offers a one-year comprehensive warranty on all its water purifiers from the date of its purchase.

To schedule your installation or maintenance please call us on: 0120- 4850100 or
E-mail us at: vg.care@vguard.in

What This Warranty Covers

  1. Repair or replacement of any functionally effective part of the Water Purifier found defective within 12 months from the date of its purchase ("Warranty Period").
  2. Two preventive maintenance visits by V-Guard on free of cost basis, during the warranty period.
  3. Two Pre-Filters will be changed on free of cost during the first year i.e. pre-filer will be changed in 5th month and 11th month.
  4. No charges for the technician visit for genuine customer needs.
  5. One time Free-reinstallation support for the water-purifier unit.
  6. The Product is intended to be used exclusively for domestic/ residential purpose only.

What This Warranty Does Not Cover

  1. Plastic body of the product.
  2. External Booster Pump, PRV (Pressure Reducing Valve) or other additional accessory purchased separately.
  3. Un-installation of the product.
  4. Transportation, Un-installation and installation cost in case the customer is moving the product to another location.
  5. Negligently handling and/ or damage resulting from misuse, abuse, improper installation, repair, or maintenance. Improper repair includes the use of parts other than those approved or specified by V-Guard.

Warranty Will Be Null And Void If:

  1. User is unable to furnish the proof of purchase i.e. original invoice copy.
  2. Product is not operated according to instructions published in the user manual.
  3. Product is installed/reinstalled/serviced/repaired by any person (unauthorized person) other than V-Guard authorised dealer/service associate.
  4. Original serial number of the product or any part thereof is removed, obliterated or altered.
  5. Water supplied to the unit is not as per the conditions specified in the user manual.
  6. Water Purifier is designed to operate at a voltage supply of 230 volts- 50Hz with a tolerable variation of plus or minus 10%. Any failure due to operation of the machine beyond these limits will not be covered under warranty.
  7. Damage is caused to the product due to an abnormally corrosive alkaline/ acidic atmosphere.
  8. Defects are caused because of factors beyond the control of V-Guard or force majeure, like lightning, pests and vermin, abnormal voltage, wind, fire, floods or acts of God and negligence of the purchaser in using the product.
  9. Damage or failure caused by unauthorized modification or alteration or use for purposes other than the intended purpose.

Other Terms & Conditions

  1. This warranty is valid only for the original purchaser of the product and is applicable exclusively to the product sold in India by the company directly or through its authorized partner.
  2. The warranty on the replaced model/ Refurbished part shall remain in force only for the unexpired period of the original warranty based on the purchase.
  3. In case of repair, V-Guard shall endeavour to use new parts. If new parts are not available, however, then V-Guard will have every right to use refurbished parts.
  4. In case the replacement of the entire unit (subject to the sole discretion of V-Guard), the same model shall be provided as a replacement; if such model has been phased out, the equivalent model as determined by V-Guard shall be provided as a replacement resolution.
  5. V-Guard shall not be liable or be deemed to be in default for any delay or failure in performance resulting directly or indirectly from causes beyond its reasonable control or during force majeure conditions including delay in repairing due to labour problem, restrictions, and regulations of the government, public movement, war or any other unavoidable circumstances.
  6. V-Guard or any of its authorised dealers/service franchisees cannot be held liable for any sickness or illness due to the consumption of drinking water from any water purifier supplied by V-Guard, if maintenance and usage of the water purifier are not satisfactory as per prescribed standards.
  7. V-Guard reserves the right to change or improve design and specifications at any time, without any contingent obligations to prospective buyers or owners of the products previously sold.
  8. Under no circumstances, the liability of V-Guard or its authorised dealer/ service franchisee shall exceed the value of the product.
  9. The customer will notify V-Guard properly about any defects noticed and give V-Guard or its authorised dealer sufficient opportunity to inspect, test and remedy them, for which the customer will deposit the goods, if necessary, with the V-Guard's office/service centre along with the original invoice, in the city where they are sold.
  10. Inspection and test report of the V-Guard's office/service centre will be treated as final and binding under the warranty for determining defects, repairs/alterations required or carried out, or certifying working of the goods thereafter.
  11. V-Guard or its authorised dealer will be entitled to retain the defective parts replaced under warranty.
  12. This warranty has been issued at Kochi, State of Kerala and therefore the courts at Kochi shall have exclusive jurisdiction on matters covered by or following from this warranty and the original purchaser alone shall have a cause of action arising out of the transaction.
  13. V-Guard strongly recommends to the customers to avail V-Guard Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) to get best service and maintenance, ensuring continued optimum performance of the product. Please call our Call Centre 0120- 4850100 for more details. AMC will be applicable after the completion of warranty period.

Note: Warranty will be void if the product is not used as per the suggested application. The warranty will not be applicable if product failure is caused by certain unusual conditions such as Water Logging, Misuse, Transit Damage during purchase, abnormal voltage supply, lightning, acts of God, or while in transit to or from the service centre.

(Specifications are subject to change without prior notice)