Rejive RO UF Water Purifier with Mineral and Alkaline Health Charger, 8 Stage Purification, Suitable for Water with TDS up to 2000 ppm

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Rejive RO UF Water Purifier with Mineral and Alkaline Health Charger, 8 Stage Purification, Suitable for Water with TDS up to 2000 ppm

Rejive RO UF Water Purifier with Mineral and Alkaline Health Charger, 8 Stage Purification, Suitable for Water with TDS up to 2000 ppm

Regular price MRP ₹ 13,999
Regular price MRP ₹ 23,349 40% Off Sale price ₹ 13,999

₹ 13,999(Inclusive of all taxes)

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Key features

  • 8 stage advanced purification with RO+UF technology and state of the art filters
  • Superior stainless-steel tank ensures pure. safe. and odorless drinking water.
  • Alkaline health charger neutralizes the acidic properties of the RO purified water by improving its pH Level. resulting in healthier and tastier water.
  • Mineral health charger to restore and enhance essential minerals lost during the purification process.
  • Treats water with TDS up to 2000 ppm. making it suitable for borewell. tanker & municipal water.
  • Benefits worth INR 2.450 & true one-year comprehensive warranty
  • Free pan India installation and service support and attractive AMC plans


Zenora RO+MF+MB

Zenora RO+UV+MB

Zenora RO+UF+MB












Requpro UV+UF+Min with SS

Requpro HRRO+UV+UF+Min

Requpro HRRO+UV+UF+Min with SS

Requpro HRRO+UV+UF+Min+Alkaline with SS


5 L

Color: Blue Black


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It’s time to give your family the goodness of enhanced hydration with the V-Guard Rejive Water Purifier. It comes along with Alkaline & Mineral Health Chargers that make water safer, healthier and tastier for all water conditions in India. Innovative features and an advanced multi-stage RO purification process further help make the water purer and safer. The high-grade 304 stainless steel tank ensures safe water storage for your family. V-Guard Rejive brings to you the best water purif...

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Rejive RO+UF+Min+Alk+SS Blue Black

Sub Category

Water Purifiers


ABS Plastic

Included Components

1 Number each of Water Purifier, Usermanual, Pre-Filter, Wall Mounting Kit, SMPS Adapter, Integrated Diverter Valve, RO Membrane & 2 Number 1/4 White Tube.

Water Purifier Technology


Manufactured By

V-Guard Industries Ltd. 42/962, Vennala High School Road, Vennala, Kochi- 682028, Kerala, India

Installation Type

Wall -Mounted

Warranty Period

1 year

Country of origin


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Technical Specification

Dimensions-LxBxH (mm)

482 mm x 355 mm x 273 mm


5 L

Package Information

5 ply brown carton

Power Source

SMSP 24VDC, 1.5 A

Item Weight

7.6 kg

Water Type

<2000 PPM

Inlet Pressure

4~40 psi

Tank Type


Dimension without Outer Package-LxBxH (mm)

482 mm x 355 mm x 273 mm

Dimension With Outer Package-LxBxH(mm)

415mm X 325mm X 665 mm

Weight with Package

9.8 kg

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Q:1. Is V-Guard Water Purifier suitable for Borewell Water/ Ground Water/ Municipal water?

A:Yes, our Water Purifiers are suitable for Borewell Water / Ground Water/Municipal Water, however the maximum TDS range is up to 2,000 ppm.

Q:2. Is the installation free?

A:Yes, V-Guard provides free of cost installation across India for all its water purifiers.

Q:3. How do I raise the installation request?

A:You may raise the installation request through any of the following modes within 30 days from the delivery of the Water Purifier:

  • Website:

  • Phone: 0120- 4850100

  • E-mail:

  • Q:4. What are the pre-requisites for free installation?

    A:Here are some of the important pre-requisites for installation

  • The installation area must be safe for workmanship and product usage. Adequate lighting must be provided on the site.

  • The installation area must be easily accessible. Above man-height locations such as above-the-ceiling or outside the kitchen are not acceptable.

  • The old water purifier, if any, should be easily dismountable. While dismounting the old water purifier, if anything gets damaged then V-Guard could not be held responsible.

  • The free installation kit that comes along with the main unit consists of User Manual, External Pre-Filter, Wall Mounting Kit, 3/8 White Tube, ¼ White Tube, SMPS Adapter, Integrated Diverter Valve and RO Membrane. In case anything else is required for installation, it will have to be purchased separately.

  • Input Water TDS should not exceed 2000ppm (maximum limit) while its pressure should be between 5 to 40 psi. If it is not so, you will require additional solutions otherwise it will affect your product’s performance. These additional solutions can be purchased from V-Guard technicians at extra cost.

  • An operational power source and water source must be available in the proximity of the installation area.

  • The user must be able to furnish a valid proof of purchase i.e. original invoice copy Please click here to view detailed terms & conditions for Installation

  • Q:5.What is the warranty duration and what is covered in the warranty?

    A:One-year comprehensive warranty covers the following:

  • Repair or replacement of any functionally effective part of the Water Purifier found defective within 12 months from the date of its purchase ("Warranty Period").

  • Two preventive maintenance visits by V-Guard on free of cost basis, during the warranty period.

  • Two Pre-Filters will be changed on free of cost during the first year i.e. pre-filer will be changed in 5th month and 11th month.

  • No charges for the technician visit in case of failures or repair assistance.

  • One time Free-reinstallation support for the water-purifier unit.

  • The Product is intended to be used exclusively for domestic/ residential purpose only.
  • Please click hereto view detailed terms & conditions for warranty

    Q:6. How will I get service/ spare parts for my water purifier post Warranty? Do you provide AMC?

    A:Yes, we offer range of affordable AMC plans which help you to continue enjoying the same superior services beyond warranty as well. Please click here to view our AMC Plans

    Q:7. What should I do if there is a leakage from the water purifier?

    A:In case leakage is observed from inside of the water purifier, switch off the purifier. Call V-Guard customer support number and register for service request.

    Q:8. What is its underlying purification technology?

    A:Rejive Water Purifiers are available in four variants RO+UV+MIN, RO+UF+MIN, RO+UV+MIN+ALK and RO+UF+MIN+ALK.

    All variants feature world-class RO Membrane and state-of-the-art filters that together form a multi-stage advanced purification process to effectively eliminate micro-organisms, organic & chemical impurities and other similar impure substances so commonly found in Indian water supply. Also, REJIVE comes with the options of immunity-enhancing mineral and alkaline cartridges assuring you pure and safe drinking water that is healthier and tastier.

    A strong Pre-RO stage comprising external pre-filter, anti-microbial pre-carbon GAC filter and sediment filter pre-treats the water before it enters the sensitive RO membrane thus protecting it and enhancing its life. In the Post-RO Stage an extra layer of protection is provided through Next generation UV chamber or Hollow Fiber Advanced UF Membrane, while the unique Mineral Health Charger and Alkaline Health charger add essential minerals such as Calcium and Magnesium and improve the pH levels of the RO treated water thus providing you mineral enriched natural tasting water.

    Q:9. Does it come with an External Pre-filter? Is it free?

    A:Yes, Rejive Water Purifiers come with an External Pre-filter which is provided at no extra cost.

    Q:10. How much time does it take to purify water?

    A:Rejive Water Purifiers usually take 20 min to purify the water under standard conditions. However, the actual performance may vary depending on the quality of input water.

    Q:11. Can I draw water from it when there is no electricity?

    A:Yes, Rejive Water Purifiers come with 6.5 L storage capacity, hence the water can be drawn even when there is no electricity.

    Q:12. How long can the water in the water purifier be used for drinking?

    A:You can use stored water for up to 48 hrs. If it is not used for 48 hr, we advise you to discard that water, refill and consume

    Q:13. Which all consumables/filters of V-Guard Water Purifiers require replacement and with what frequency?

    A:You need to clean/replace Sediment Filter approximately every 6 months from the date of installation based on the input water quality conditions and other consumables approximately every 1 year from date of installation.

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