1200 Pure Sine Wave 1000VA IoT Inverter for Home, Office & Shops

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1200 Pure Sine Wave 1000VA IoT Inverter for Home, Office & Shops

1200 Pure Sine Wave 1000VA IoT Inverter for Home, Office & Shops

Regular price MRP ₹ 7,999
Regular price MRP ₹ 11,990 33% Off Sale price ₹ 7,999

₹ 7,999(Inclusive of all taxes)

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Key features

  • IOT Sinewave Inverter
  • Maximum Peak Load of 780Watts
  • Comes with an intelligent mobile app
  • Battery topping reminder feature
  • Comes with a turbo charge mode
  • 2 year warranty


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Introducing the V-Guard Smart Pro 1200 IOT Sinewave Inverter, a cutting-edge power solution designed for modern homes. With a capacity of 1000VA/12V and support for a single 12V battery, it delivers a Maximum Peak Load of 780 Watts, making it suitable for powering essential appliances like fridges, LED TVs, fans, tube lights, and LED bulbs. Paired with a Tall Tubular Plate Battery with a Rated Capacity of 150Ah/12V and 6 water level indicators, it ensures reliable backup power. Bluetooth c...

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Smart Pro 1200


Smart Inverters


Pure sine wave

Manufactured By

V-Guard Industries Ltd. 42/962, Vennala High School Road, Vennala, Kochi- 682028, Kerala.


Metal Cabinet with ABS front panel

Country of origin


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Technical Specification


1000 VA

Max Peak Load

800 W

Battery Compatibility/ Battery Capacity

12V, 80Ah to 230Ah, Lead Acid(1 No Only)

Item Dimensions- LxBxH

275 mm x 250 mm x 120 mm

Item Weight

9.5 kg

Dimension With Package-LxBxH (mm)

345 mm x 335 mm x 176 mm

Weight with Package

10.9 kg

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Q:1. What is a Digital UPS (Digital Uninterrupted Power Supply)/Home UPS? How does it differ from a normal Inverter?

A:A digital UPS is nothing but the combination of a UPS and an Inverter. In a normal inverter, you can only connect your electrical loads like lights, fans etc. If you try to connect your computer to an inverter during power failure, the computer may get rebooted and there is no voltage protection in that case. But in case of a Home UPS/DUPS, you have two provisions (a) Normal mode (b) UPS mode Both can be selected by an external switch. By selecting the UPS mode, you will get an extremely safe change over with a safe range of voltage protection and your computer will not even blink. So, you can run your computer safely along with your other lighting loads.

Q:2. How should I select the right capacity Digital UPS (DUPS)?

A:For selecting the right DUPS capacity, you have to list out all the equipment you want your DUPS to support. Add the power rating of all these equipment and based on that, you can select the best sized Digital UPS. For example, you need to connect 4 Tube lights, 2 Fans and 1 TV with your Digital UPS. In this case, the expected watt consumption of the items will be:
Tube Light = Approximately 40W
CFL = Approximately 15W
Fan = 80W Maximum
TV = 100W Maximum
Summing up the wattage of all of the above will give us around 420W and it can be safely supported by a 600 Volt-Ampere (VA) Home UPS which is the very next size of inverter (i.e. 70 % of the Given VA). V-Guard provides you a flexible range of UPS Inverters which can cater to a wide range of needs.

Q:3. What will happen if I overload my Digital UPS?

A:A V-Guard Digital UPS is completely protected against the variations in the load level. If you try overloading the unit, it will attempt re starting 5 times so that you can reduce the load in between. If the load remains the same after 5 re-starts, then the unit will shut down automatically. In case of any short circuit, your home UPS will sense it immediately and the unit will switch off immediately.

Q:4. Can all my appliances and electrical goods work 100% correctly on your Digital UPS units?

A:Yes, V-Guard makes the latest DSP technology based Digital UPS which ensures that you get continuous power as long as the unit is allowed to function within the specified unit capabilities.

Q:5. How vital is the role of a battery while selecting the right DUPS?

A:The battery is almost like the heart of a DUPS. No matter how efficient your Digital UPS is, a wrong battery selection can change its entire performance. A good quality battery with proper Ah capacity will provide you with an uninterrupted power flow for a longer duration. Since 60% of your investment belongs to the battery, a vigilant selection is a must.

Q:6. What maintenance does my Digital UPS require?

A:V-Guard Digital UPS doesn’t require any maintenance for its functioning. The unit automatically recharges the batteries when power is restored via an in-built intelligent charging circuit. Our high quality deep cycle batteries are ready for a long run without any problem. But for proper working of the batteries you are requested to top up the battery water from time to time.

Q:7. Which type of battery can I use with the Digital UPS?

A:The Digital UPS batteries are supposed to withstand deep discharge cycles during its usage. So we recommend using Tubular batteries with V-Guard Home UPS. You can choose from our wide range of capacities with optimum quality.

Q:8. What do I do if I have a complaint regarding my Digital UPS?

A:In case of an issue, kindly refer your user manual/warranty card. Our intelligent audio and visual indication will help you find out the status of your Digital UPS as it is described in the manual. Some issues can be solved by you as it’s described in the warranty card. You can also tell our engineers the status of your Digital UPS by referring to the user instructions so the restof it will be taken care of. For any other complaints, our efficient service network is ready to serve you over a phone call. V-Guard brings you the largest service network all over the country to keep you smiling always.

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